Who we are

What is fuoco: recreating the delightful feeling of entering a warm room. Fuoco is like a room with a fireplace, it’s in everybody’s memory……not any longer in our reality.
Fuoco Is like warming up with a drink, it is a satisfaction gained from “sweet”, and being delighted by the “salty “

Fuoco is a place to live all day long.
Cocktails before lunch, and wines that go together with our best gourmet dishes.
Our customers will appreciate the wide selection of spirits to sip after dinner.
Fuoco is a must stop at the end of the day for those who like to have a cocktail prepared by our best internationally known bartenders .

The flavors of our Italian tradition and passion for innovation, are the two essential elements that make our sweets “unforgettable”.

The continuous research of flavors and spices in our Italian cuisine, is our main target: simple dishes but unique tastes that come together accompanied with a glass of first quality wines, are a warranty for the most refined palates.